Life On The Farm

Tucker & Kasey

Gramac Farm also has two wonderful Italian Maremma guardian dogs, Tucker and Kasey. These dogs are fearless, and a wonder to watch when they are after anything that may harm the goats. They treat the kids with loving care, and protect them with their lives. If we didn't have these incredible dogs, the goats would be in constant danger from coyotes and other predators which are found in our mountainous area.

The farm also has a skillful mouser, Rascal, the cat. We have not seen a mouse in the barn in quite awhile. We enjoy hunting for farm fresh eggs, hunting being the optimum word since they have decided not to lay in the hen house. We want them to be free range, but sometimes it is a bit frustrating trying to find the eggs. So, everyday is like an easter egg hunt. Our guineas are always fun to watch with all their antics, but they certainly keep the tick population down. They will alert us of anything out of the ordinary on the farm.

We also harvest our own hay with two cuttings during the summer. In the fall our apple and pear trees are loaded with fruit which the goats love. The oak trees provide acorns which are an excellent source of protein. The goats are fed all of these in moderation to promote balance in their diet.