GMAC Numero Uno

When we first started into the goat business, we contemplated not having any bucks on the farm due to many of their traits. We thought artificial insemination would be the ideal way to go. After exploring it, however, we found artificial insemination also had its drawbacks. So, yes, we now have two proven fullblood Boer Bucks.

BA CSF Gandalf

Date of Birth: April 22, 2011

Sire: S G R Polarized **Ennobled**

Dam: BA CSF Rhapsody

BA CSF Gandalf is the first buck we purchased. He has sired quite a few nice offspring for us, and continues to be a very good breeding buck. Other ennoblements in his background include Back 2 Nature Polar Express, S G R Key To My Heart, DL The Duke and Chestnut Springs Red Bud. 

GMAC Numero Uno

Date of Birth: December 8, 2011

Sire: BA CSF Choctaw

Dam: BA CSF Epiphany

GMAC Numero Uno was the first kid born at Gramac Farm. He was shown at the 2012 Hillsboro, Ohio show where he earned first place in both shows under Judges Jesse Kimmel and Kathy Daves. The then placed third under Judge Lance Ward at the Ashland, KY show. Ennoblements in his background include DL The Duke, BA CSF Mockingbird, Outback Boers War Chief and Eggspence Account.